A thriller for these times

Two weeks ago a Russian journalist, Alexander Anichkin, wrote this article about my book INSIDER X (link for article below).  The article is written in Russian and I used Google Chrome’s “translator button” to read the article (link for Google’s free Chrome Web browser, also below). 

Initially, Mr. Anichkin reached out to me on Twitter and asked if he could write an article about my book on his blog, Tetradki.  The news about Robert Mueller’s recent Russian indictments had made him think about my book.  A book which I wrote over four years ago.

I’m not surprised that folks are seeing parallels with my book and the current news making the headlines.  I am surprised, however, to have a Russian journalist one of those folks.  It just goes to show you how words do have power.  They can reach across oceans.

In the last few months, INSIDER X has proven to be a very prescient story.  At the time I wrote it, I suspected that much of what I was writing about was really happening.  Nevertheless it was fiction… a suspense thriller meant to showcase a frightening ‘what if’ scenario.  A scenario that has become very real as Russia’s interference with our 2016 election has become widely known.

Scary stuff.  Particularly since I suspect what we see in the news is just the tip of the iceberg.

(link below to Mr. Anichkin’s article about INSIDER X)



(link below to Google’s free Chrome Web browser)