Insider X

Facility 67096.  It shapes our thoughts.  Shapes our world.  Manipulates us.  And it seeks one thing: the destruction of everything we hold dear.

Marks and Lip, one a former Marine, the other a cyber specialist for the NSA, are our answer to Facility 67096.

What is Facility 67096?  It controls the Web.  Has controlled it ever since the beginning.  We think we know the enemy, but we don’t even know ourselves.  Facility 67096 has done this to us.  It has fooled the world.  Preyed on our blind spot.  It has been right in front of us all this time and we never saw it.

Until now.

INSIDER X is the latest thrill ride from Dave Buschi, author of THE BACK DOOR MAN and PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE.

May your eyes be opened.


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What the critics are saying about INSIDER X

(Five-star Amazon review from Steven Konkoly, USA Today Bestselling Author)

A thought provoking, mind bending technothriller—masterful and utterly frightening.

David Buschi has captured the core essence of a technothriller with Insider X. He takes us into several spellbinding foreign worlds in a well paced, coherently parsed, authoritative contemporary novel. Cyberspace, secret Chinese facilities and alphabet agencies collide in a frighteningly plausible and utterly devastating conspiracy aimed at unraveling the core of American and European society. Forget China’s rising economic and military power—all a diversion for a plot unlike ANYTHING you’ve read before. The plot alone is worth the price of admission…the fact that it’s delivered masterfully by Buschi brings the experience to the next level.

Sitting in plain sight on the outskirts of a modest Chinese city, Facility 67096 hides a secret that will leave you utterly shocked. I guarantee you’ll never view the internet the same again.

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