Proportionate Response

Marks and Lip know how to take down a target. You fix eyes on it, hit it, and exploit the site to find your next target. You proceed that way until you eventually take down the entire structure. Doing the “consultant” gig now, they’re still tracking down threats.

But this threat is a doozy.

A mysterious threat, known as Client 487, is intent on planting seeds of dissent that will dismantle our very way of life. The more Marks and Lip discover, the more they realize this has been going on for some time.

And it’s ugly.


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What the critics are saying about PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE.

(Five-star Amazon review)

Proportionate Response Is An Action Packed Read…

Wow. This novel was like being at an action flick in the big screen of your mind. Well researched (I honestly wondered if the author has a history of military or black ops in his past). That’s realism. The script is cryptic, truncated, fast paced. The read is like being shot at with words. Intriguing plot with genuinely evil characters that justify that proportionate response. Buschi is good at letting your imagination fill in the blanks and does not assault you with gratuitous gore or tasteless raunch. A real good guys vs bad guys scenario and you cheer for the good guys and wonder right to the end if and when they’ll succeed and what will be the price. No spoiler here: buy it and read it to find out. A buy signal from me if you like action genres. The kind of book you don’t want to put down…

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(Five-star Amazon review)

Could not put this book down.

This books opens with a riveting shootout at a Starbucks and then you’re hooked. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a wild ride with some interesting twists. The two main characters, Marks and Lip, entertain you with their humorous banter, but they are certainly the wrong guys to mess with. From the start, Buschi has you rooting for them to kick some “bad guy” butt and that is exactly what they do. As much as I liked Buschi’s “The Back Door Man”, I’m hoping his next book is another Marks and Lip thriller. If you like the Tom Clancy genre but want it to be lighter and more fun, get this book.

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(Five-star Amazon review)

Awesome crime fighting team!

This book was simply amazing and the main characters, in a way, remind me of Robert Parker’s Spenser and Hawk in the way they banter back and forth. The comic relief in sometimes tense and horrible situations is welcomed. The writing style is nothing like Parker’s but the team of Marks and Lip have the potential to be equally as memorable and lovable as Spenser and Hawk.

The story itself was interesting and full of thought provoking and potentially true to life (in that they could be plausible) events. I didn’t even mind that things became somewhat political and that’s something I tend to stay away from, even in the real world.

The secondary characters were interesting and lively as well. Lip’s Ma is a hoot. I’d like to see more of her. There’s so much potential there.

I very highly recommend this if you’re a fan of the Spenser books, or enjoy a great crime fighting duo who want to right the wrongs of the world. I will most certainly be reading more by this author and can’t wait to see more of Marks and Lip!

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(Five-star Amazon review)

Mitch Rapp, Bourne Identity, and Lethal Weapon all in one!

For fans of techno thrillers and international spy intrigue this is a definite page turner. The dynamics between the two (eventually three) main characters would make a great movie. Easily as engaging as some of the early Clancy. A steal at 3.99.

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